Of the People? By the People? For the money??

If you think money is buying politics and the system needs a reboot,...






First we thank everyone that has contributed to a life of service in our government. We hope that this movement is not a hindrance to good government but rather is a respectful demand of a more efficient government. This movement is pro government and we hope that it will usher in a new era of getting people involved in government and out of the era of apathy. We are apolitical in the sense that we support everyone equally.

How can we remove money from its place as a potential for buying votes? The movement for #equalfoot might help and uses a familiar concept to anyone that has faced the challenges of being a Green Bay Packer fan over the years.

Green Bay was a powerhouse in the beginning under coach Lombardi. Their success was recognized and has become the essence of the Lombardi trophy, which is awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl each year. For many years, Green Bay as the only public team could not compete with the influence of teams with bigger budgets. Then a salary cap was introduced into the NFL to give all teams an equal foot. Green Bay once again became a powerhouse as it has been able to compete with owners with more money as the amount of money applied to salaries is capped and everyone must find ways to get better performance out of equal talent expenditures.

Our idea is to use social media to force candidates in all races to apply the same concept of a salary cap to a budget cap and that the budget begins at an amount ten percent less then the previous campaign for each seat so that candidates will learn to be more efficient with less money a quality we certainly want in our leaders. We also want to know that our leaders can negotiate and work with all politicians. Thus the people will demand that candidates join #equalfoot and abide by its rules or face the fact that we will not vote for them. Moreover we will look for debate forums, and advertising media to require membership in #equalfoot as it adheres to the Constitutional quality of creating everyone equally. We will thus remove the opportunity to buy a seat if everyone will look for and support operation #equalfoot. The people are encouraged to place shoes in public spaces without “throwing” them at candidates to let the politicians know that we demand an equalfoot.

With a combination of free social media and outdoor digital broadcasting, we believe candidates can compete and reduce the impact of money on politics. To learn more about providing free outdoor digital broadcasts, please visit combolisk.org.



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